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Bridging the Gap Between Treatment and Recovery


We at ST Loius Treatment Centers believe alcoholics and addicts can, and do, recover. Furthermore, recovering from active addiction does not have to be a long, painful process. With the help of ST Loius’s caring and experienced staff, you and your loved ones will learn, and take, proven steps necessary to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety and success. At our gender specific, you will begin this process just 100 yards from the ocean, with the opportunity to participate in a variety of rewarding beach activities, including sunrise meetings, meditation, snorkeling, volleyball and more. Our patients leave with a sense of empowerment and confidence, ready to handle the challenges of everyday life. The goal of ST Loius Treatment Centers is to restore lives and families. With our help, you can regain control of your life from addiction and start living happily again. Your new life is just a phone call away

Your New Life Can Begin Now.

We are here to help.


Drug & Alcohol Addiction Therapy - True Recovery

The road to recovery from active addiction does not have to be a long one, and ST Loius Treatment Centers’ addiction treatment facility strives to bridge the gap between treatment and recovery. We want to help you take advantage of this incredible opportunity you’ve been given to have a fresh start in life, but it’s going to take some work.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs - Addiction Treatment

At ST Loius Treatment Center, our treatment programs bridge the gap between treatment and recovery. Although addiction treatment is of the utmost importance to stop drinking or doing drugs, it’s just as important to transition back into the world and utilize the incredible new opportunity that you’ve been given.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment - True Recovery

When you come to ST Loius Treatment Centers’ addiction treatment facility to recover from drug or alcohol addiction, you will discover a lot about yourself, as well as develop life skills that will help you in the future.

ST Loius Treatment Centers Accepts Most Health Insurance Plans for Addiction Treatment 

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